Planning Your First Corporate Event

Services You Can Expect With a Festival/Wedding Hire Company

When you are planning a festival, or a wedding, you may want to hire a company that specializes in outfitting your event with all the items you need to pull off the big day. But if you are mounting your first large event, you may not have any idea what a festival and wedding hire company can offer you, so here are some of the things you can expect when you contract with these professionals.

Stalls - If you're throwing a festival, you may want to have stalls set up, which can have canopies, or are also available without shade. Stalls are a great companion piece for a festival, because you typically have a number of different vendors at a festival, and individual stalls allow visitors to experience a variety of things. For example, a food festival will generally have hundreds of stalls with food from throughout the world, and a clothing festival would have dozens of stalls with clothing samples that visitors can buy. Stalls are available in plain white, coloured and in double size, which can also accommodate tables and chairs.

Marquees - Marquees are ornate structures that can be fully enclosed or partially enclosed. They are ideal if you are throwing a wedding reception outdoors to protect visitors from possible inclement weather, cold or extreme heat. Marquees typically have a very distinct triangular roof configuration, although you can also opt for marquees with flat tops. Festival rental companies will also give you the option of choosing marquees with different types of walls, such as cathedral style, which feature 'windows,' or clear walls, which have no windows and close off your event to outside intrusion.

Stages - If you are throwing an event such as a fashion show, musical performance or pageant, a festival rental company can provide you with mobile stages. Most of these stages feature built-in stairs and sound-ready PA system that you can attach to speakers for premium audio quality. You can also order stage lights and any other props, such as a podium or lectern for a host, and if you want more 'jazz' for your stage, you can add risers, which can enhance a musical performance. You can also combine a stage with a marquee cover, so that anyone who takes the stage has the assurance of protection if the sun is very bright, or if rain begins to fall during the event.

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