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Tips for Choosing a Party Tent for Your Outdoor Event

Whether it's a backyard wedding or a graduation party you're hosting, you want to consider a party tent for your outdoor event. This gives your guests protection from the elements and can help keep the party contained in one area of your yard. A tent can also hold in warm or cold air, making everyone more comfortable. Before you choose a party tent for your next outdoor event, note a few tips to ensure you get the right size, material and every other feature you need.

1. Figuring size

Figuring the size of the tent should start with a measurement of your outdoor area. It might be helpful to rent a measuring tool that surveyors use so you can easily measure the area where you might erect the tent, being sure you leave space for foot traffic in and out of your home and so that the tent isn't too close to your garden or rosebushes. 

Once you've done this, you next want to look at the size of the tent according to the number of tables and chairs it can accommodate, and then also figure in anything else that needs to be located under the canopy. This might include a station for the deejay, buffet tables, a place for the caterer to work, fans or heaters or a focal point such as an ice sculpture or wedding cake.

2. Material

The cover material is important to consider because lightweight materials may be cheaper to rent, but they may not offer much protection from rain, cold and the like. Polyester with a vinyl coating is thicker and heavier and offers more protection than plain canvas, and while it may be more expensive, it can offer more protection in case of rain. Polyethylene is even thicker and offers more protection; it is UV-resistant so it makes a better choice for summertime parties and beach weddings. Opt for the material that will be appropriate and which offers the most protection for your guests, according to your budget.

3. Consider ease of assembly

If you're not renting a tent that will be assembled and erected for you, then you'll need to consider how easy it will be to assemble it on your own. Most tents will note how many people are required to put up the tent; don't assume you can handle it with fewer hands than the instructions call for! If possible, ask for a demonstration for how to erect the tent before you leave the rental agency.

Contact a party equipment hire company like Barlens if you have specific questions about hiring a tent for an outdoor event.