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Marquee Hire: Aspects to Keep in Mind When Hiring This Shelter

If you are planning to hold an outdoor event, you would have to take measures to ensure that your guests can stay comfortably sheltered from the elements while still being able to enjoy nature. One of the best solutions for this would be to opt for a marquee hire from a local company. Opting to hire a marquee for your event is not just about picking the cheapest one available to ensure that it fits within your budget. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your shelter will not be impeding the enjoyment of your guests. Below are some of the different aspects that you should consider when you opt for marquee hire.

Consider the size of the marquee

One of the main considerations to have before hiring a marquee would be what size would be best suited for your needs. Some individuals may think it would be more affordable to simply hire one large marquee to accommodate all their guests. What they do not consider is if you have a large number of people attending the event, then it may still be a tight fit under the marquee. As a rule of thumb, you should first determine what type of mood you would like to set inside the marquee.

For instance, if you would like an intimate affair but have numerous guests, then you should get smaller marquees that can accommodate small groups of people while still having defined spaces between each table. On the other hand, if you have a short guest list. Then you could choose one large marquee that will be able to accommodate them without each table being able to eavesdrop on each other's conversations.

Consider the lighting in the marquee

Another aspect often overlooked when it comes to marquee hire is the lighting that is being used inside them. Typically, when people opt to hire one large marquee, they tend to choose one large overhead light to illuminate the entire space. This may seem practical but it will not do much in setting the mood inside the marquee.

Instead, you should look to include individual centrepieces at each of the different tables in the marquee. Not only will this add some visual interest, but it also ensures that each table is sufficiently illuminated rather than simply depending on one source of lighting. To add a sense of ethereal lighting to the marquee, you should also consider fairy lights that will boost the overall aesthetics of the marquee.