Planning Your First Corporate Event

Important Details to Remember When Choosing Items for a Wedding Hire

If you're planning an outdoor wedding at a remote location, or are thinking of hosting an event in any location where you will need to provide seating and other such pieces, you want to ensure that no detail is overlooked during the planning process. Taking the time to note all the important items you will need will mean a beautiful event that is also comfortable for you and all your guests. Note a few important details that are easy to overlook when choosing items for a wedding or any party hire, and this will ensure you know what to discuss with the rental agency.

Note the ground surface

Are you having a beach wedding, or a reception in your own backyard? It's important to note this to your wedding hire company, as the ground surface will make a difference in the pieces you should choose. Soft sand may allow tables and chairs to sink more easily than firm and compact soil in a residential yard, as an example. On the other hand, it may be more difficult to clean the bottom of chair legs that are set in soft soil, and your rental agent may then recommend chairs with protective ends. You may not think much of the ground surface of your outdoor event, but this can make a difference in the pieces you choose, so mention this to your rental agent.


Don't assume that guests will always know where to go, even if you have an event in your own backyard. It can be good to get signage that directs them as to the right entryway for a tent, where guests should sit versus the family, to a guestbook to sign, and so on. Your rental agency can note what signage you might want to include at your remote event, and how those signs can assist in an orderly and comfortable event that ensures everyone knows where to go, where to sit, and so on.


Even if your event will be at night, your rental agent may assume that you already have plans for candles on the tables, lights from the deejay booth, and so on, and may not offer to provide lighting. However, you need to think about proper lighting for your event, even if you will have candles and other pieces in the reception area. Path lighting that shows guests the exits and walkways to the restrooms, and lighting around the table for the guests of honour can make your event more comfortable for everyone.