Planning Your First Corporate Event

Important Questions to Ask Your Event Hire Company

Just about any event you plan, no matter its size or location, will mean having to hire or rent some specialized equipment. This might include everything from tables and chairs and dishes that go on those tables, to just some oversized heating elements for an outdoor venue. Whatever your needs for an event, note a few important questions to ask when arranging your rental.

Ask about cleaning

Some items obviously won't need cleaning after their use, such as heating elements or a microphone used for a business presentation, but don't assume that other items shouldn't be cleaned before being returned to the rental agency. You might face an added fee or lose some of your deposit if you don't wipe down tables and chairs, or have someone in the kitchen scrape food off rented plates. Food preparation equipment might also need to be wiped down, so that oil, grease, and other such substances don't stick to their surfaces and ruin them. Whatever the case, always ask about needed cleaning of any item when arranging your rental, so you can plan on getting this done properly.

Ask about heat produced by electrical items

Obviously food prep equipment will produce heat on their cooking surfaces, but many items that you plug in to operate will also produce heat around a motor or moving part, and this heat often gets vented out one particular side of that piece. In turn, the equipment may need a certain amount of room for air circulation, and shouldn't be placed right up against a wall. You might also want to ensure these pieces are far away from guests, so your equipment doesn't blow warm air near an occupied table or other such area.

Ask about the equipment's handling

If you will be setting up and operating any rented item yourself, always ask your party hire company about its actual handling. For example, it may seem like a small detail, but it's good to know how the legs of folding tables lock in place, and how they unlock, so you're not fighting with your tables the day of the event! Ask if electrical items need a certain number of volts and amps, or a certain type of plug to work. Note if any electrical equipment might overheat if used in a warm kitchen area, or if exposed to direct sunlight, and what to do if this happens. This will ensure you can easily use all the equipment you rent without any hassle or headache.